Responsive, Genuine

My wife and I were first time buyers when we approached Reid. Naturally, going into such a life changing event like buying a home, we were nervous to say the least and wanted to find someone we could trust and connect to. I called a number of realtors on Zillow, many of whom didn’t even pick up their phone and those that did put me through to an assistant or seemed to busy to talk. Not Reid. Not only did he take my call, he spoke with me for at least 15 minutes answering questions and offering great advice. He took the time to meet with my wife and I in person 2 days later and was always there to answer the hundreds of questions we had or present various options to us. Our initial apprehension of finding a realtor we could trust was instantly replaced by a feeling of reassurance we had someone who had our back and best interests at heart. Outside of his expertise and knowledge of the market, this is probably the biggest thing that struck a chord with us. You want someone who you feel comfortable with and who is looking out for you. And Reid offers this in a genuine and sincere way. He is very good at presenting you with your options, giving the best recommendations without making you feel like you need to go one way or the other. We have always felt informed and like all bases are covered when going into any property decision, all thanks to Reid. And because of this, we have asked Reid to be with us again in our next home purchase. That speaks for itself.

– Rowan W.

Sold a condo in Playa Vista and bought a condo in 2015 in Playa Vista.

Personalized Attention, Local Knowledge

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Reid and it was an easy, pain-free experience. We were looking for a condo specifically in Playa Vista and if we requested information on things such as HOA dues or regulations, they were able to respond quickly. Most times within a couple of hours. Even in casual conversation, he was familiar with all the relevant properties in the area and were able to steer us in the right direction. He never tried to pressure us one way or another and listened to and addressed all our concerns as they came up. Any requests we had, he brought to the attention of the seller’s agent immediately and let us know beforehand what the likely response would be so we would be prepared. My wife and I would definitely recommend working with Reid, especially if you’re looking for a place in Playa Vista.

– Eugene P.

Sold a condo in 2011 in Playa Vista.

Patient, Persistent Effort

Reid served as my realtor on the short sale of my loft in Playa Vista. He was relentless in his pursuit for the right buyer and never got flustered during the process, which can be a very stressful situation given the circumstances of a short sale. He marketed the loft, showed it through several Open Houses and on a day-to-day basis, always making sure that we had multiple offers ready to go. It couldn’t have happened without his persistence and patience. This included working with other agents, their clients and the banks. A short sale of a home takes skill, calm and an understanding of the many caveats related to this experience, all of which Reid knew and was able to articulate to me.

– Kimberly P.

Sold a Condo in 2011 in Playa Vista.

Friendly, Savvy

Reid has given me the fastest and most enjoyable home buying experience. He answered all the dozens of dumb questions I had over email within hours so I met with them. He has such a good understanding of the market and various areas and explained everything to me the entire way through. I found the perfect condo after only looking two weekends with him and he advised me to bid 20k below the asking price and my offer was accepted! I was living in own condo, bought on short sale, only three months after I began looking! He is very knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and he works well with the selling agents. I felt completely taken care of and stress free the whole time. Thank you so much Reid!

– Andy L.

Bought a condo in 2011 in Playa Vista.

Knowledgeable, Gives Sound Advice

I had a great experience working with Reid in finding my dream home. I’m most impressed with his industry knowledge and responsiveness from my experience working with him. From the very beginning of our home search, Reid was very responsive to my emails and phone calls (most of the times the response was immediate), and I knew right then I had found the right agent. Given the time sensitive nature of a home purchase/sale, it was important for me to be able to trust my agent to be diligent on his part. Furthermore, Reid is extremely knowledgeable, he was able to give me sound advice and recommendation on the purchase offers I made. Overall, I am very grateful to have met Reid, he has been very helpful to me even after my purchase. I look forward to working with him again!

– David W.

Bought a condo in 2012 in Playa Vista

Resourceful, Knowledgable

Reid is a great real estate professional and made me feel very comfortable during the process of finding and purchasing my first home. Reid subsequently assisted me in purchasing an investment property. Reid was there every step of the way and had an expansive number of resources for all aspects of the transaction. I look forward to working with Reid again in the future.

– Jason T.

Purchased a home in 2010.

Caring, Professional

You wont be disappointed with Reid. He took care of us from the beginning to the end in all phases of purchasing our home. Great knowledge of the industry and has the right group of referral sources to handle all the complex issues that can come up in purchasing a home. Very professional and a pleasure to do business with.

– Drew and Larisa D.

Purchased a home in 2011.