Brookfield Releases Phase II Property Information

Brooksfield Homes, residential developer of Playa Vista Phase II recently released the first tangible information and interest list of what the coming phase homes may look like.  There are not too many details, but early indications are that there the units will be on the larger side (many 3+ bedrooms) and there will be more single-level plans, both things that Playa Vista desparately needs as it matures.

From the website, it looks like there are plans for at least three different multi-level detached home, similar to the current Icon, Matisse, or Cielo.

On a side note, there are rumors that phase II may not feature the controversial Mello Roos assessment.  This is hearsay, however if the properties are not partially financed by the sale of bonds and Mello Roos assessed, the cost will be embedded in the purchase price.  Unfortunately, the infrastructure needs to be paid for one way or another.  I see this being confusing to appraisers, but probably better because it will allow a larger portion to be financed at low interest rates and therefore (legally) tax deductible.

If you are interested in joining the interest list for any of the phase II properties listed above, please note from the drop down menu that you were referred by your broker, moi!